Growing Up

Hi there,

Finally I got to go back to work in the office and it had been pretty busy and stressful lately. It was the job and position that I was taking. I was a “consultant” at Accenture working in a financial company. From what I understood, “consultant” level here is a senior position meaning that I would be a senior designer in a company. My responsibility was mostly about designing user experience for client’s products. 

In this last period, my team lead put me in the lead position as I was probably the only Thai consultant in my team that was in Bangkok (Due to the COVID-19 situation, all expats in my team were not in Bangkok.) Being in the position, I had to manage my team and the work, take care of the timeline, and manage clients as well. I had to admit that it was stressful. There were issues both work and people that I had to deal with. I started to realize how tough it was to be in the higher position even if I just led a small group of designers with support from my team lead, still. Time and decisions became even more important because there always be consequences. Relationships and expectations were something I couldn’t just take for granted. In the end, it was impossible to satisfy all parties even myself.

Well, it didn’t comfort me but I knew I was learning something new. That was just part of growing and I took it as a good part of the job even if it demanded a lot from me.

Here are some toys I bought lately. I grew old but it didn’t stop me from liking these toys :)

See you later,

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