Undone Reflection


Long time no see. I was just simply busy and tired from work. My life didn’t change much and didn’t have any interesting events in these last few weeks. Everyday went in a loop-same same everyday. So, I didn’t have much to update.

Well, last week I had a job interview from Sweden! Yes, it was the second time that I had since I arrived Bangkok. Let’s see if I can move on. I didn’t have high expectation anyway. I had been to almost ten interviews already and I didn’t get anything. So, whatever will be, will be. I can just keep on trying.


It might be a bit late if I just realised what networking is. It took me two years to learn what networking is and how to network. It took me a couple of months more to realise how important it is and what I should have done before. To me, it was quite pricey. If I didn’t go to Hyper Island, I wouldn’t know what networking is, how to network in the proper way, and how important it is.

I saw what I just did wrong and what I shouldn’t have done. I can sense that some people just ignored me and also thought that I acted weird. Whatever. I was just a newbie and was immature. They didn’t teach this in schools. I just had to learn it by myself and I was struggling. Or maybe I just took it too personal…

There was also one more point that came up to my mind. I saw that it’s easy to make a new friend, but it’s hard to remain the friendship. Once we might be close friends. Then, one day we might act like we are strangers. There is nothing wrong with that. No matter how hard we try. It is just how it is and I never understood. Some say that life has its turn. Sometimes our lives just turn away from each other and we have to live with it.


Here are some random photos in Bangkok.

See you later :)

Take care,

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