The Fuzziness

Hi there everyone,

Suddenly, it’s almost one month already since my last blog. Time flies! There was not much to update. My life was still running in a loop as usual. I still kept looking for a job in Sweden or a way to escape Thailand. My job at Saatchi&Saatchi was doing fine. My contract would end next week. There was a possibility to continue with the new contract for the next 3 months but there might a change in my role. Keep in touch.

Lately, I talked to my supervisor-TJ. This guy was my boss (Sure, there were bigger bosses) and we touched on some interesting topics. It was about life and work. I kept asking and thinking about my life in these last few months when I was kind of lost in this transition. Though it was almost 4 months already since I left Sweden. I saw life is learning and working is a part of my life. So, in that sense, working is learning as well.

I also thought about working and happiness. I had a question that I couldn’t really answer to myself. It was “If my job doesn’t make me rich or happy, why should I keep doing it?”. If you have a good answer, please let me know. Some might say that it’s about time. The road can be tough and I just have to wait for it. I thought that if I didn’t start with my motivation, I don’t think I could carry on through the whole way. I believe that if it doesn’t feel right from the beginning, it might not be the right path to go. Sometimes I just have to go with my gut feeling.

One thing that I’m quite sure is that life is like a bicycle. You can only choose to go left, right, forward or turn around when you move. The goal is there. If you are hurried, you just need to speed up. Or, you can slow down if you don’t want to get tired too soon. You might need to climb up the hill if you want to go high. The higher the steeper the riskier it is. When you go down the hill, make sure you know how to slow down, so you won’t crash on the ground. The point is, if you don’t move, you fall.

So, keep moving. There always be choices. Life is short. Don’t make it too hard and boring.



This was taken a few days ago-the sky of Bangkok. It was a rainy season changing to winter. It was cloudy and rainy like this almost everyday. (You might see an orangish light on the right side of the photo. It’s a reflection from the light in my office.)

Take care,

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