Hectic Schedule


Suddenly, it was 4 weeks already since I started working as a junior art director at Saatchi&Saatchi Bangkok. I didn’t really have time to chill out that much. Everyday was intense. I had a packed schedule-woke up at 6, arrived office at 9.30, left office at 18.30-19.30, went to gym, arrived home around 21-22, went to bed at 23. I only had weekend to take a rest. That was kind of nice. Though there was one Sunday that I had to work…I hoped it wouldn’t happen again… Anyway, it was a great experience that I got.

I studied for years and this was the time to prove and use my knowledge and everything I had on my back. I didn’t have much time to reflect my days, but as the day went by, I kind of absorbed and adapted to the work culture and learned how to work in an advertising agency automatically. Also, it was quite tricky that time flies so fast and, then, one week was over. Working in an ad agency is like microwaving. Once you got an idea, you simply have to produce it right away. Everything is just fast. I found out that there were many things I could have done better, but I almost met the deadline. I learned that sometimes it just needs to be done rather than perfect. However, I believe that in time, I would improve and do it better and better next time.

By the way, I still kept looking for a job in Sweden. I hadn’t given up. Bangkok is just too much and too hectic. I was so fed up with the excessive ad (and I was working in an ad agency…lol) and massive traffic around the town.

I didn’t really have a chance to take some nice photos but the concrete jungle view from my office. Hope it inspires you somehow.


See you later :)

Take care,

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