Twenty-fifth Anniversary

Hello there,

Today was my birthday. It’s a rainy day in summer in Stockholm. Just an ordinary day, nothing different. Actually, I felt a bit frustrated because I planned to go sightseeing around the town but it’s raining. Yesterday was a nice day, but I didn’t feel so well. Last week was tough. I was fatigued and weak. Really need to take a rest. Anyway, the rain just ruined my day. So, I changed the plan-stay home, relax and watch movies. Weather is uncertain.

I had been living in Sweden for 10 months, but I still felt that this country and people treated me like a stranger. Thought it was easy. No, it’s not. Swedes are so individualistic and independent. I was trying so hard to live here and it seemed like there was a kind of barrier hindering me from others. Maybe it’s the language, or maybe it’s me who acted like a stranger, or maybe it’s my horrible social skill. Whatever it was, it frustrated me so bad but I would keep trying.

However, I was living here for a while on my own (with support from my family). Look how far I’ve been through. I’ve never thought it would be this way. I’ve never thought that I would be here in Sweden studying at Hyper Island and figuring out my life path. When I was in university, I thought I would work as a graphic designer working in whichever company when I graduated, but it turned out in a different way. Life is uncertain.

I have one another drawing to show. It was for my dear friend-Roger birthday last month (30 Apr). I know it’s quite late. I was so busy and lazy to upload. Let’s check it out.

Two of wands

At last, for my own sake, for my twenty-fifth year, I wish I would have a sincere and healthy life. Thank you for all “Happy birthday” and wish you all the best of luck :)

See you later,

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