The Best Moment

Hi there everyone,

I have been living in Sweden for almost a year (11 months and 10 days). Never thought that it would be this good before. Good life, good people, good friends, good place and good school. The only so-so thing was that I used my family money. Well, I hope I could find my way soon. Suddenly, the first year school was over. Now, it’s the summer break. No, I’m not going back to my hometown. Not yet. Never been in my plan actually. I’ll go to travel around eastern Europe with my classmate-Pini and his fellows. Hope it’ll be fun!

Last Wednesday was the last day at school for this semester. It was quite short and brief. We didn’t have a serious session but meaningful and emotional. It’s just a reflection for the whole year. The thing was that one of my classmate-Dongjiao had to leave school after summer, because the baby is coming! Yes, the baby will come in this summer. So, she decided to take a one year break for taking care of the baby. Hope to see you again :’)

However, we had a graduation party for other programs students. It was extreme. That night was fun, crazy, hard, rough, cold, nice and…complicated. A lot of dancing, talking, drinking and so forth, but, wait, I didn’t drink alcohol at all. Though the most interesting part was not that party. The thing after the party was the best part of that night. It was around 1.40 A.M. and one of my friends told me that the train had stopped running already…So, what? So, I thought that the train would run the whole night, then I didn’t care about the time at all. After I heard that, I was kind of surprised! I then left the party because I had to walk home. It’s around 6.9 Km. or 1 and a half hour by walking…Yes, I did but I wasn’t alone. There was my best friend from Uppsala-Filip. He was homeless that night because he can’t go back to Uppsala. I had never done anything like this before. Walking during the night when the city sleeps was kind of nice, I would say. It’s not that cold but there was a rain some time. It’s not that dark because it’s summer. It’s a nice chat and a good experience. Thank him a lot for walking home with me. (Bitch please, no homo) We arrived my place around 3.40. Exhausted and dead…

Here’s a class photo on that day. I stole it from Liisa, my classmate. Thanks!

Class photo

Two days after that-last Friday, it was a midsummer. I had a chance to experience the traditional way of celebrating midsummer in Sweden. I went to Vaxholm. It was nice and fun. I coincidently met a group of Thai friends as well.


What a nice and lovely country!

See you later,

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