Troubled Pinky

Hi there,

This November wasn’t the best time for me. I had been sick for the last week. It started from a little ward on my pinky. It was there for several weeks and I got annoyed. So I decided to take it out. I got an appointment last Saturday. It was a quick session and I got a little wound on my pinky and some medicines like pain relieve and antibiotic. 

It was the antibiotic that I took. It somehow got stuck in my esophagus like it didn’t go all the way to my stomach. Then it burned the tube and became esophagitis. I was in pain on Monday morning like super painful. I decided to go to see a doctor. He told me that it seemed to be the antibiotic that I was taking. I got some more medicines…mostly pain relieve, and a new antibiotic to replace the first one. 

I couldn’t eat normal food for a week and had to eat only soft and plain stuff so it didn’t irritate the ulcers in the tube and I can swallow easily. It was super painful when I swallowed and when the air came up from the stomach like when I was about to burp. It had been a week now and it seemed to get better. I would have another appointment next week to see if the wounds/ulcers in the tube were alright, or if it got infected or anything. Hopefully it was nothing. 

My pinky was alright. The wound was dry and it didn’t hurt anymore. Let’s see if the wart is gone after it heals, or not.

Take care,

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