Sea, Sand, Sun, and Storm

Hi there,

I just came back from a vacation in the south of Thailand. I went to Yao Yai island near Phuket. The trip was alright. I spent 4 nights there. I didn’t went on a trip for a full year already. It was because I changed my job, then COVID hit the world and everything locked down (until now). Luckily, the situation in Thailand wasn’t so bad. 

I didn’t do much during the trip. Mostly I chilled out by the beach. I did some reading, swimming, sunbathing, and got some massage. It was just for relaxing from an extremely hectic and stressful life in Bangkok. 

Though this trip wasn’t perfect everyday as there was a storm. Therefore, the weather went a little wild sometimes. There were also some hiccups due to the noise from the rooms next door. 

Overall, it was good. I got some time for myself alone that I didn’t have to think about anything and that I can do whatever, whenever and however I want. No stress and no pressure. It was just nice to recharge.

See you,

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