Bye 2020

Hi there,

This year 2020 sucked. Looking back this year, a lot happened to my life. I changed my job in February. COVID-19 hit the world. Working from home became a new normal. Everyone wore a mask when outside. Hand-sanitizer became a must everywhere in Bangkok. The situation in Thailand got better. Then, the second wave in Thailand just came in the last few weeks. I was back to work-from-home mode again. No Christmas and New Year celebration. Most of events became virtual and digital. 

Although it was a difficult year, I was lucky enough to still have my job and stay healthy. None of my friends and family got infected. I hope everyone would still be safe throughout the pandemic and survive 2021.

Here are some give-and-take from these last holidays of the year. I got some gift and card from my colleagues :)

I sent some gifts to Maria and the Karlsson family in Stockholm too. Those 2 drawings in the background were drawn by me :D

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe and healthy. 

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