Time Off

Hi there,

I just came back from the vacation. I booked a trip to Khao Lak in the south of Thailand several months ago. Luckily it was a very good time to take a break as I was struggling a lot with the stress. 

The trip was nice and calm. I simply ditched all my normal routine and lived a different life. I ate breakfast and didn’t train (if you didn’t know that I did intermittent fasting so I usually fast and didn’t eat breakfast). It was so nice to put all the work aside, relax, and enjoy the time being. 

I had never taken any solo trip like this before. At first I wasn’t sure how I would or should do it. Then when I arrived, it was just very simple. I was there by myself and didn’t need to care about anyone. Therefore I could do whatever I wanted. Time was on my side. It wasn’t complicated. Plus everyone around me just chilled. No need to hurry or stress. 

I thought I had a lot of time for myself earlier. Maybe it wasn’t enough. During the trip, it was just much more relaxing and clearer to think about things and reflect. Maybe it was because there was no such deadline or constraint. 

Maybe I should be taking more trips like this.


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