Down Time

Hello there,

I had stopped running for almost 2 weeks already. It happened that my right leg got some kind of injured. I guessed it was shin splints. It started a couple of weeks ago when I started to feel some kind of tension around my right calf as if I would get cramp but it wasn’t it. I thought it was just some muscle pain and would go away in a couple of days. So I didn’t stop running. Some days later it got worse. Then I decided to take a break from running. Though I still did weight training as usual. Almost 2 weeks later, my right leg got better. I can walk properly without any pain in my leg. I supposed I could go back to the training program soon. 

I trained for 1 month and a half, then I had to stop for about 2 weeks as I got injured. I was pretty strict to the training program but it seemed that it was way too extreme or too much for my body to adjust. As a result, it hurt. Well I might say that I tried my best to avoid the injury i.e. I did warm-up and cool-down every time I trained, as well as stretching. I got muscle massage to relax my body after intense training program (both weight training and running). It didn’t seem enough and felt like a down time. I did everything to prevent such thing but it still happened anyway. Life just doesn’t always go as planned. That is probably a simple fact. 

Lately, I came across a psychological test and this indicator reminded me of a conversation I had with someone I worked with in the past. (Let alone the “pessimistic”. Maybe it’s replaced by “realistic”. Maybe this scale just focuses on the bright side.) I told her I was trying to be positive but she told me to be realistic. I was amazed. At the moment, it just sounded quite hopeless and dull. I didn’t know what would drive people to accomplish something in life if we lacked of hope. Reality is cruel, but shouldn’t we just dream and wish a little bit? So at least we can have a will to live on.

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