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Hi there,

It had been a long while that I kept doing the same routine over and over. At some point, when it started to get boring, I got to start doing something new. I had been doing weight-training in the gym for years and in the last few months, I started training for long-distance running. Then it got pretty intense and my muscles got really tensed. As a result I got injured. So I had to stop running for a while to get fully recovered. Though it didn’t stop me. I got back to running already, but this time, I took it easier because I didn’t want to get hurt again. I also started doing yoga as I thought it would help me stretching my muscles and make me more flexible so I can do weight-training better. 

My first yoga class wasn’t easy. Well, actually I tried some yoga in the gym classes before but this time I took class in a yoga studio. I believed it was better. Anyway, it took me a few classes to feel comfortable but it was still difficult to some extend. I had a good impression on yoga after practicing. It made me be more aware of my body and muscles like to make a good pose and to sit up right, even though I was still a beginner.

Somehow at this point of my life, it seemed to be my most active meaning that I had never done this much workout before. It was almost everyday. I wasn’t really sure if it was good because my body didn’t have a full rest day. Although my yoga classes were more about stretching and didn’t require much strength, I still had to use muscles to do some poses. Maybe keeping working out for a long time would result in stressful condition because the lack of resting. 

This was from the BBQ party at Morphosis. It was a cheat meal and the day I didn’t have to work out. Sometimes I got to get a little loose :)

See you later,

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