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Hello there,

The past few weeks had been pretty eventful. Lots of things happened in the city every weekend. Gothenburg is not even a capital city but people seem to know how to keep the city lively especially in summertime. 

Three weeks ago, there was a huge flea market in the city. People were out selling stuff on the streets in different spots in the city. It was interesting to see that the second-hand market was pretty big here. It was also good to know that later on I could probably sell some of my old stuff too.

Two week ago, there was a huge jubilee celebration of the city Gothenburg for its 402 years old. It was meant to be 400-year-old celebration 2 years ago but it was under the pandemic. So the event was put on hold. There were free concerts in the city and some activities for people of all ages. It was 4 days and nights, plus a National day that they celebrated Sweden for its 500 years old (since the king Gustav Vasa) as an independent country.

On the same weekend, I went to Stockholm to meet my friends. It was 2 days and I met 4 different friends. It was an intense weekend XD

Tae and his daughter (his wife is not in the frame)
Steven, the local
Ae and her family
Erik, the new Stockholmer

Last week, there was a West Pride event in the city. I joined the pride parade with a friend for a bit. It was also my first time walking with the pride parade. The energy of the people was so high. There were so many young people and families. It seemed like the young generation was very open-minded to the movement. The vibes were very positive and fun.

This week was a bit relaxing for me. The dance courses were already over. No running training for me. So I took it a bit easy. 

Last but not least, here are some photos from my birthday gifts and dinners with different groups of friends from last month :)

A surprise at work by my colleague-Josephine
Chocolate from Rasmus, whose birthday is 26 May as well
Dinner with my Thai friends
Belated birthday pizza with Leo, the Mexican
Korean BBQ arranged by my French friend-Stephanie and co

See you later,

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