Coldplay 2023

Hi there,

The major update of this month was a Coldplay Music of the Spheres concert. It happened out of the blue. Some months ago I was trying to buy a ticket but it was sold out so I gave up. Then, one Thursday a few weeks ago something crossed my mind. I checked the website and found that there were many available tickets in the cheapest zone on Sunday. I bought the tickets right away. I was not a super huge fan and I just listened to some of their music. So it didn’t matter if we were so far away. It was very fortunate and quite spontaneous that we got the tickets. Perhaps they just released the tickets in the last minute or something.

Leo, Mick, Ja, Mai and I went to the concert together. It was superb. Even though we sat quite far from the stage, the experience was still great. We were lucky with the weather as well. Everything was just alright on the day!

There are some more clips in my instagram.

See you later,

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