The Second Year

Hello there,

My second year at Hyper Island had been tough and intense since the beginning. First two weeks were full of lectures and workshops. I was so overwhelmed and exhausted. I wondered why I didn’t have this kind of lecture in the first year. It should have been done before.

Last Friday I started working at the client’s office. It was my first time working in the real environment outside school and my country. It was kind of nice. Hope it would be a good experience.

I had ten weeks left for seeking for my internship. I hope I can find a nice place around here.

I had started drawing my reflection for each day and I planned to do it for one hundred days. I just needed to recover my drawing skill and, in the same time, express my feeling. Let’s see what I had been so far.


This blog is quite short and lack of connection. I had been being sad and confused during these few last weeks. I was trying to find an escape but it’s not easy and I have to learn.

Peace out,

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