Summer Is Over

Hello there everyone,

Suddenly, summer break is about to end in next few days. My second year or last year at Hyper Island is about to start. This summer was quite tricky-not too good, not too bad. As I predicted that the summer break would be the private time of my Swedish friends, it was like I predicted. Luckily, I had a long trip for half of summer break which saved my life from the loneliness.

I just came back from the trip last Saturday night. It was fun, crazy, good, bad, up, down and so on. It’s a mix of feelings. Though it’s not that smooth. I had many “up” and “down” moments during the trip. It was 24-days trip. It’s not always nice like long weekend trip. One good thing was that we seldom caught the rain. There were only 2 mornings with a slightly rain and the rest was a sunny day. However, I met, saw and experienced new cultures, new people and many different stuff, especially, from Brazilians. I’m kidding :P I had a trip with Brazilians so, I couldn’t help. We travelled around during night and day. It was exhausting. One thing that I found out about myself was that I don’t enjoy a nightlife much. We went to many parties, bars and clubs (Though I didn’t drink alcohol, or smoke at all.). It’s fun sometimes but it’s just way too much for me. I would say I prefer to have a good sleep and wake up in the morning to have good breakfast. That seems like me more. Anyway, I sometimes have to break my own rule. I don’t want to make my life so boring. Just have to challenge sometimes.

During that time, I kind of experimented something. I didn’t check Facebook at all from the first day of the trip until the last day. I’m still alive. I think it’s good to be offline sometimes. Digital world makes our lives more convenient and easier, but on the other hand, it comes with the price and it’s expensive. It doesn’t cost only money. I think I felt more peaceful when I was offline. I could feel the reality, be more present and conscious, and less distracted. When I came back to be online again, I felt that maybe digital world makes me feel like I miss other people more. It’s not a good feeling though. I think it’s spoiling the value of the real life.

To sum up, it was a valuable experience even though it’s so expensive. Thank mom and dad so much for the financial support.

I took more than 1000 photos during the whole trip and these are some of my favourite photos.

DSC_1631 copy

A full moon night at Cesky Krumlov

DSC_0117 copy

A clear sky in Hvar, the island in Croatia. I don’t know if it’s a part of the Milky Way or something, but it’s much clearer in real life. It was amazing.

Take care,

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