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Hi there,

Lately it had been eventful. Let’s start from the Charlie Puth Voicenotes concert in late October. It was great. All the hits were there. I attended his concert with my friends-Pat and his wife. I somehow had become a fanboy since I-don’t-know-when, maybe 3-4 years ago. He was cool and talented, and I kept following him. It was kind of easy-listening and typical pop. I just got clicked with his style.

Then came the UX Openspace Thailand event in early November. I volunteered to be a staff and took the MC role of the event. It was actually my first time doing that. Though it didn’t feel that hard. Probably it was similar to when I hosted the workshop for my job that I had to speak in front of people. This was just more people that I spoke to. It was a good experience. Talking about UX Openspace, it is an event where UX design practitioners meet and talk about different things. Anyone can be a speaker and topics are open as it is an “open space”.

Last week my friends and I had a trip to Macao and Hong Kong. We mostly went sightseeing, tried some local stuff, and shopped a bit. The food wasn’t so outstanding. It was different from Chinese food in Thailand but not that much. There was nothing special. Macao was full of casinos and we weren’t into that. Hong Kong was packed with people and stores. It is a good place to go shopping because it is cheaper than Bangkok (at least). Overall, it was an okay trip.

These are from Macao.

There are from Hong Kong.

Most recently, my friend from Silpakorn university-Ae just got married last night. It was the first time I met some old friends since I finished my bachelor’s several years ago. It was all good and fun. Big congrats to the bride and groom :D

See you later,

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