Sum of 2018

Hi there,

Happy holidays! This year had been another milestone of my life. I made it through my 20’s and started my 30’s. There were many ups and downs. Moving back from Sweden was a big thing. I got to admit that it surely was a disappointment. It was my second attempt to live and work abroad. I just had to move on before spending even more of my parents’ money…

Anyway, getting a job as a UX designer was also another big thing and was a great success of this year. It had come to my acknowledgement that what I learned all these past years could just be concluded to this job title. I never thought that it would be something I was into it, or actually I wouldn’t have known about UX design if you had asked me 5 years ago. One thing just leads to another. It seems likely that UX design would not be my last stop. Though I didn’t know what would be next. Let’s just wait and see.

The most annoying thing of this year went to the 2 warts under my foot. Since my first notice in December last year, it had been about a year already. I had been getting treatment since April. There was one left that I waited for the wound to heal. I really hoped it would be the last. It was really annoying because it was like I got them taken off (by surgery) every month. Then I got the wounds under my foot and couldn’t walk normally for about 2-3 weeks. This had been looping for about 9 months already. There was no swimming or running at all D:

This December was full of holidays and events. It went by pretty quick. One of my best friends (Bird) got married. Big congrats to him :D

Then my colleague (P’ Au) got married. Another big congrats to her :D

Then it was a Christmas party at the office-Morphosis X Firecreek. There were plenty of food and drinks. We also did the secret santa and I got a strawberry gardening kit XD

The failed supper. Many things are wrong but at least we tried XD

I wish you all a merry Christmas and very happy New Year.

See you next year,

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