The Merriness

Merry Christmas everyone,

2015 was approaching and I was still in Thailand figuring out stuff. My Christmas was nothing special because most of Thais are Buddhist and we don’t celebrate Christmas. However, Thais like celebration and we go for it. There were light decoration and Christmas trees around the town. They were there for Christmas and also New Year celebration. It is the most beautiful time of the year in Thailand, even more than Thai New Year (Songkran) celebration.

Christmas party at Saatchi&Saatchi was pretty interesting but I didn’t attend…end of the story…because I had to go to see the doctor (I had some problem with my shoulder-kind of gym accident) and had an interview afterwards. Though I prepared my gift for the lucky draw on that night. Anyway, someone helped me out. So, I got some gifts from that night. They were a notebook and a combination of LED lamp and speaker…whatever it was, it didn’t matter.


I had a couple of interviews this months and I almost got one, but it didn’t happen :/  So, I was in contact with another startup and was working some test project, and I really hoped that it would work out somehow.

Apart from all mischance and misfortune, I had some good time with my old friends. It was nice to reunite after being abroad for 2 years.

IMG_5042 IMG_5059

There were so many many things happening in this year. I spent first-half year in Sweden, and the rest in Thailand. It was so different and I did so many things. I had some progress and I kept moving forward. Some say life has its turn. I didn’t want wait until the turn came. I would just keep moving and make my turn myself. I kept working hard finding a job in Sweden. I also planned to apply for the Master’s program in universities in Sweden as well since many of them offered scholarships. So why not? My life is a journey. I didn’t want to write the same story on every chapter. Let’s see what would come up next year.

It’s kind of a tradition of having New Year’s resolutions though I never had one. For mine, I would keep pushing, improving and moving forward. I would not stop. I would try to be as positive as I can. I would help other people whenever I can. I would embrace my mistakes. I would try to forgive other people. I would smile more and try to cherish all little moments.


I wish you a very very happy new year :D


See you when I see you,

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