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Happy New Year to you all. It was a very intense start of the year. I had been working on my side projects with a startup in Sweden for a couple of weeks since December. It had been up at the limit all the time. I had some rough moments and it wasn’t that easy. Though it was a good learning. At least, it made me start to consider what my role was all about and how the real professional should actually act like. Sometimes it seems pretty easy when seeing someone presenting his/her works in front of people. I then realised that it is something I need to step in and take action. Nobody would say what and how to do it. I have to learn it by myself. It is not a presentation in front of the class anymore. It is real in the real world with real people.

Apart from the side project, I still worked at Saatchi & Saatchi. I knew how it feels like to work with 2 companies in the same time. It was really stressful and exhausting. I didn’t chill out for a month already. I had to work day and night. No time to go to the gym and no day off on a weekend. This was because I was still hunting a job in Sweden and this could be the one. If I had given up, I wouldn’t have done this to my life for sure. It was too much in the short period of time. Considering the result, I might have some nice stuff in my portfolio and might get a job afterwards, but I had to sacrifice my health and my free time, which I didn’t like it.

Meanwhile, I was also applying to the Master’s program as well, but that was a second plan. I would go with the first thing that comes up to me. Life is learning and I would not stop moving forward. The opportunity doesn’t fall from the sky that I can just grab it easily. It was always the time to move on. I still had things that I would like to learn more and doing another degree could be a way to start with.

Here is a photo from the New Year’s eve in Bangkok. It was one month already. How fast the time is!


Wish you all a great great year :D

See you later,

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