An Unexpected Company

Hello there,

Guess what. I just hung out with a Swedish-Dutch couple yesterday. It was quite random though. We didn’t know each other before and all I knew was that David was a Hyper Island alumnus. We met in the Facebook group when he was asking if there were some Hyper Island students in Bangkok. That was the beginning.

David and his girlfriend-Ilse, the Dutch girl were having a trip to Thailand. They were traveling around the islands and beaches in the south of Thailand and they wanted to go to Bangkok for a few days because this was their first time to come to Thailand. So, I took them to the explore the town to some touristic places and local markets. It was very tiring I may say lol. I still felt tired today. So much walking, so much eating, but it was fun!

I think it is kind of nice to meet new people and make new friends. It is just too sad to be alone all the time. The more we talk to other people the more we learn from each other, right? Anyway, I might need some more time to reflect on this.


As usual, I was still working on job hunting. It has been 5 months already. I had a couple of Skype interviews but they didn’t lead me to anywhere. It was just purely damn hard and everybody said that… All I can do was just to keep doing it and not give up. Everybody said that it would eventually work out somehow. I hoped so.


Here they are-David and Ilse at the street roasted duck noodle at the China town:D


See you later guys.

Take care,

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