The Busyness

Hello there,

February is such a short month. Four weeks are so freaking fast. It felt like I just wrote my previous blog a few weeks ago. Or maybe I had been busy most of the time. The last week was pretty insane. My February didn’t end well. I just had long long nights for a few last days until last night, and also had some problem with my boss. It just came out of nowhere. Hope it would get better in time.


Lately, I just realised I didn’t reflect upon myself that much…or not at all. I wasn’t sure. What I saw was that I kept being busy and working all the time, day by day, everyday. I was running in a loop and it became my routine. I think it is kind of a trap.

Think about this. I work at a place. I adjust my schedule and routine to this place. I learn how to work here. It all turns into my new habit and lifestyle. I start to feel secure and comfortable. Then, I don’t feel like changing or moving because I sort of have everything I want, and settle down, and start to be lazy to seize other opportunities. Next, I start to forget my dreams, my passions, my goals, and all that I’ve learned…Well I don’t think I need to imagine how it will end up eventually. This is quite clear enough to see possibilities.

So, what I was trying to say is that perhaps the way of working that I was doing might not be that good. It was neither healthy nor sustainable. I don’t think working for 100% of the time is the right way. Instead, sparing some time to relax, refresh, and reflect upon new lessons can lead to an improvement. I mean self-improvement. Plus, working individually can be tricky. Peer feedback from colleagues can be very crucial. It is one easy way to keep track of yourself.

Alright, that was just some learning from Hyper Island. This blog isn’t supposed to be a throwing back thingy…


Let’s end this blog with this random photo-my new speaker-Jawbone Big Jambox. It’s very powerful and the sound quality is very impressive (to me at least). (Though it is expensive and its Bluetooth sucks…I’m not sure if it’s worthy but I bought it already. No complain XD)


See you when I see you,


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