Anything Could Happen

Hi there,

First, I thought it was the time to move on. So, I decided to leave Saatchi&Saatchi, and this would be the last month I worked there (2 more days to go). All good things come to an end.

Then, UHR (University Admissions in Sweden) contacted me saying that, due to the technical problem, they couldn’t view some of my submitted documents (for my Master’s program application). They wanted me to send those documents via regular post as soon as possible. Oh well, it was in the middle of the selection process…and they sent me this email. How stressful could it be?

I sent all documents to them again on the next day and hoped they would receive it as soon as possible, and they did, but that wasn’t it. My application status somehow turned to “UNQUALIFIED” because I didn’t meet the general requirement which was in the envelope I sent to them. That stressed me out. Immediately, I contacted them in every way I could and they confirmed that my application would be treated because it was not my fault. Hmmm, at least, that was nice.

There was another contact from a very interesting company in Sweden that I had been following for a long while. They wanted to interview me since I had applied for a job. However, due to the mismatched schedule, we had to postpone it twice already, but it would be on the next coming week and I was looking forward to that.

Next, I had applied for a new job after this month and I got it. Yay! I would start working on April 1, right after Saatchi&Saatchi. No time to rest!

Another good news was that I got accepted to the Master’s program that I’d applied to :D The bad news was that I didn’t get the scholarship meaning that my family had to pay for me again…duh D: It was a huge amount of money though.


The plan was still on-going even though it might not work out as I expected. At least, I had tried as hard as I could to keep it on the track. It wasn’t that easy though. Actually, this month was the super heavy time for me. There were so many hard decisions to make and so much hard stuff to deal with. It seemed like everything happened in the same time. I learned that I just have to keep it cool and not freak out.

I didn’t get the scholarship but I got a chance to do the Master’s degree. During that time, it would be easier to find a job over there and I should find a way to make some pocket money to feed myself. So, I wouldn’t have to bother my family that much. Moreover, there would still be a couple of months left for me to earn some money and gain more work experience. Let’s see what would happen in the next few months.


There is one more thing I would like to talk in this blog. “Better Try” is my personal project that I was working on in these last few months and it is still running. The idea is to collect and redesign the not-that-good design out there, or it could be something that could have done in a better way. I think I as a graphic designer could show and present another way of making things better. Check it out: (or in the main menu of this website)

Screen Shot 2558-03-28 at 11.59.33 AM

Let’s keep in touch.

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