Summer Vacay Part 1


This blog is pretty long and there are many photos. So I decide to divide it into 2 parts. Let’s begin the first part.

It was almost 2 weeks already since I came back from my Euro trip. I was away for 18 days in total. It was an intense journey and was my first kind of solo trip to travel around Europe (besides coming to Sweden alone). Basically, I just went to visit friends in their hometown in different countries and cities although there were some lonesome days that I had to be on my own. It was quite scary somehow maybe because I was in new places that I had never been to. But overall, it was a great experience!

My plan was to go to Switzerland, Italy, and France. My trip started in the very early morning (5 am) on Saturday 16 July with Guillaume giving me a ride to the metro station. Big thanks to the French boy :D


Since I had to change the train in Hamburg to go to Switzerland, I stopped there for a few hours as my first destination. I went to Miniatur Wunderland. It was a permanent exhibition of the miniature world that simulates the real places like European countries and other places with transportation running around. It was pretty impressive.


After Hamburg, I took a night train to Switzerland. The next destination was Lausanne. It was a little messy in the morning. The train was delayed and I got off at the wrong station. Anyway, I managed to arrive Lausanne 2 hours later. The good thing was Antoine was also late on that morning. We actually arrived Lausanne at the same time so there was nothing to be ashamed of ;) I spent about 1 day in Lausanne hanging out with Antoine and stayed at his place in Échallens for a night. Big thanks to Baillod family :D


The next morning I moved to Bern. It was a very beautiful city. Not sure if I was lucky that there was Tour de France 2016 going on in the town on that day. Some streets were closed so it was a little tricky to explore the town since I had to walk around a bit. I might say that the weather was really warm and I was sweaty. It was like 30+ degrees and sunny.


Next I went to Zürich. It was some sort of a reunion with Michael, Andreas, Antoine, and Melanie since we once went to Tallinn together (except Melanie). We didn’t have much time to spend in Zürich so we just had a quick tour and lunch at ETH. Then it was time to say goodbye to Antoine and Melanie :/ Michael, Andreas and I continued to Atzmännig to do the mountain coaster. After that, we went to Michael’s place in Uster and spent some time in the lake nearby. The day ended with raclette with the Swiss hosts. It was a nice day :)


We woke up quite early in the next morning because we would go to hike in Flims. It was a spectacular town. We hiked up to the Pinut mount. I had never hiked with those gears on me before. Despite the height of the cliff, it was very fun and daring to climb up the mount.


After a long day in Flims, we went to sleep and stay at Michael’s parents’ place in Samedan. The next day we went mountain biking around the area. It was my first time mountain biking. It seems easy but it is not! (or I did it wrong…) On the way up the mountain, it was very exhausting, but on the way down…I fell once on the bike and once on my feet…I must admit that I walked down the mountain rather than cycled down because it was way too dangerous and I was way too inexperienced. Good thing was that I didn’t break any bones but got some bruise and scratches. At least it was fun and I learned something ;)

(I slept in the room on the rooftop of the pink apartment on the bottom right corner.)

To be continue…

P.S. See more photos on my Facebook!

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