Summer Is On

Hi there,

It was summer time. Many of my friends were leaving. There were just a few people left in Stockholm besides my classmates. Not sure how it would be in my second year. Things are ever changing. Last week I just moved into a new home-the Karlsson family’s because Dongjiao, Kasper and Numa had moved to US. My French friend-Guillaume Dickeli and I then moved into their place. It was a big house with several people, 2 cats and a little dog. It was a peaceful neighbour and near the beach. It was a little far from KTH but it was alright. At lease, no more noise from the nightclub under my room ;)

And this month, I got a very good opportunity to work in a Swedish company-Great Works. It was a temporary position and I would be working for 2 months (until the end of August). I felt very excited and the project that I worked on was really interesting and challenging. Though many people at the company were on their vacation. In Sweden, it’s normal that people take the vacation during the summer for a couple of weeks (or even up to 5 weeks). So there were a handful of people working during these weeks. Plus, actually, Great Works would be closed for 2 weeks as well (the last 2 weeks of July).

So it’s vacation time and I would be away from next Saturday for 2 weeks. I would be traveling around Europe (Switzerland, Italy, and France), most of the time visiting my friends in their hometowns :) I really looked forward to this trip. It seemed promising.

This is from Skansen when I went there with SFI class. It is some sort of Swedish traditional dance.

We had a farewell party for Pute as she had to go back to Thailand.

This is the backyard of my new lovely home. I was having small BBQ lunch with Guillaume, my French housemate.

Hope you also enjoy your good time too.

See ya!

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