Glad Midsommar

Glad midsommar!

I turned 28 last month and this month my first year at KTH was over. A lot of my friends were leaving the town as they had finished their exchanged year in Sweden :/ It was sad but it is life. Wish you the great success in your life. Things change all the time and the big change was coming soon as I would be moving to a new home. I felt excited and nervous to see the next coming years.

During this summer, I had planned to start working part-time or freelancing with some companies. Let’s see if I can make it. Otherwise, I would be studying Swedish instead. I also had a plan for the Euro trip. I would be visiting Switzerland, France, and maybe Italy for a couple of weeks in July. Yes, that was the plan to visit my exchanged friends. This summer seemed quite promising.

As I didn’t write the blog for almost 2 months, now let’s see what I had been up to.

In May, Antoine Baillod, Oliver Snow, Ellie McCallum and I went to Västervik for the bouldering trip. It was my second time bouldering and my first time outdoor. I must say it was really challenging as I wasn’t that good, but it was really fun. Many scratches but pretty chilling and and relaxing. See more photos in my Facebook album.

västervik1 västervik2 västervik3

On my birthday, there was a farewell party for the exchanged students who had finished their year in Sweden. We went to Osqvik and partied there for a night. It was insane! Here are some clips.

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Farewell party #iwillsurvive

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Cleaning would never be this grand.

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and some more bits in this clip


Last weekend, Andreas Albrecht, Guillaume Dickeli and I went to Gotland. We camped and cycled there for a couple of nights. The plan was to went to Fårö (in the far north of Gotland) but the weather was tricky. We were stuck in the stormy rain in Visby since we arrive on Friday night. We walked to the camp site in the rain and everything was wet. We lost a day because of the rain so we changed the plan a bit. We only cycled to Blå Lagunen and stayed there for a night and cycled back to Visby. On the way up north, we stopped at Jungfrun, Lickershamn for a lunch break. In total, it was around 60 km from Visby to the Blå Lagunen and around 54 km back to Visby. I had never cycled as long as this before. No need to talk about how painful my butt was…Anyway, Gotland is definitely worth visiting. See more photos in my Facebook album.


It was just yesterday that I came back from the midsummer party. I was there with some of my classmates (Adrià Cruz, Ewoud van der Heide, Martin Hedlund) and the Swedes. We went to Eskilstuna and stayed in the scout cabin. Luckily it didn’t rain and it was warm and sunny yesterday. It was extremely nice! See more photos in my Facebook album.


So that was the beginning of my summer. There would be more I promise!

Take care,

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