Summer 2022

Hi there,

I was busy during my summer vacation. Four weeks of vacation went by super fast. It was a mix of Swedish classes and driving classes. I also visited some islands in the archipelago and some nearby cities like Varberg and Falkenberg. The weather was nice and warm. There were just a few days of rain but it wasn’t troublesome. Overall, I had a good summer :)

Let’s see some of the photos of my vacation. First, it’s an island Hönö.

Next it’s 2 islands next to each other-Brännö and Galterö. There is a small bridge connecting them.

Galterö is a nature reserved island. There were rare birds and sheep on the island too.

Then it’s Falkenberg, a small city to the south of Gothenburg (further than Varberg).

The last place of my vacation was an island Vrångö.

There was quite a lot sea, sand and sun this summer although I was in Sweden. I can’t complain ;)

See you later,

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