Hi there,

Summer was over and suddenly Gothenburg became cold. I was unsure if the weather changed so fast or time just flew by because I was busy with work and stuff. My life got back to the work routine so there wasn’t much to update.

Earlier this month I went trekking with some friends that I just met this summer. First, I met Leo (Leonardo), the Mexican guy in the Swedish class. We became friends and hung out from time to time. Then he got me into his circle of architect friends. I was invited to this trekking trip around Delsjön. We walked for about 14 km and bathed a little around the end of the trail. The weather was perfect on that day.

Last week, there was a big afterwork at the office. It was like a welcome party after summer when everyone came back from vacation. So much food and so much fun. I got some photos here :D 

See you later,

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