Tenth Anniversary

Hi there,

This month marked the 10-year anniversary of this blog. I had been blogging my life through the past ten years every month. There was 1 month that I forgot but I made it up for the month after. It was also the 10 years from my first time coming to Sweden and living abroad alone (July 2012). Surely many things about me had changed for better and for worse. Today I was still in Sweden although I left Sweden to Thailand twice. My journey was not smooth. There were so many downs and they just made me who I am today.

My current life was alright. I started to feel more settled in this new opportunity in Sweden. It was actually about 1 year living in Gothenburg as well because I arrived on 2 August 2021. So it was almost 1-year anniversary in Gothenburg. Work was good. Health was okay. Relationships with people around me were alright though there was still a lot of room to improve. Overall it was alright.

This month I got to experience the Swedish summer vacation as an employee of a Swedish company. I got 4-week vacation from mid-July to mid-August. I hadn’t seen much of the city since I moved here. Back then it was during the pandemic and I was busy preparing to start working. Suddenly summer was already over and it got cold. This year, Covid started to resolve (actually not :S) and I got time to travel. So I went around the town. Though I didn’t go far because I was doing Swedish course and driving course during the vacation. I still had some weeks left in August to travel. Let’s see how much I can do ;)

This was the last afterwork before the vacation started.
Apelviken beach in Varberg (to the south of Gothenburg).

The rest is from Marstrand, an island in the archipelago (to the north of Gothenburg).

See you later,

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