Relaxing Summer

Hi there,

It had been already 2 years since I moved to Gothenburg. Many things happened in the last 2 years. Most of the things didn’t seem to have such a big impact in my life. Maybe I had been living in a routine like work-gym-sleep on the weekdays, then meet some friends and go to some hot yoga and dance classes on the weekend. I had some vacation around Christmas and New Year’s eve, and summer. It had been good to me even though there were times I felt lonely. At least I felt happier than when I was in Thailand.

In the past 2 years, I went to Swedish classes to learn some Swedish. I took some hot yoga classes. I went to salsa and bachata classes too. I did my first long-distance running (half-marathon). I taught myself to swim butterfly and I managed to do 50m butterfly without resting. I made some friends from different countries and went on a date a couple of times. I started to learn to drive a manual car and had been trying to get a driving licence this summer. This had been very expensive and such a big investment which eventually might not worth it…

I hadn’t had set a focus on my third year here. It might be about my apartment and work as things started to get settled. 

This summer was very cold and rainy in Gothenburg. My plan to chill out in the archipelago didn’t happen. I ended up playing some games and took it easy at home instead. However, there was one nice day that I got a chance to ride a bike to the sea at Saltholmen and walked a bit to Aspholmen.

See you later,

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