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Hi there,

One month passed super fast. It felt like my previous blog was a week ago or something. There were quite a lot going on at work. Though there weren’t much happening my personal life. Well, I had been dealing with 2 warts under my right foot for several months actually (since April). They started some time in the beginning of this year when I was in Sweden. I didn’t get to see the doctor to take them off because I thought they were just corns, but it started to hurt when I walked. So after I arrived Bangkok, I went to see a doctor and got into treatment. It was a long process. At least it didn’t hurt anymore, but I still didn’t know if they were gone. I could only wait and see :/

That was actually a weird paragraph talking about some sort of disgusting stuff to start a blog. Whatever. You might notice that something had changed in this blog, not the blog itself. I actually just changed my URL from to so this was my first blog in my new URL (and my new host too). To my old host, thanks for your service in the past 6 years. You didn’t serve me that well lately and I got tired of you. It was time to move on. Bye!

By the way, my job was doing fine. I got involved in some big projects. I kept pushing, practicing, improving myself all the time. It wasn’t actually as easy as it sounds. These things required so much effort and energy, mentally and physically. Though I was not complaining. These were things I really wanted to master. I kind of felt that I was onto something real, something I could keep on doing. It felt good and right. 

This month I attended some big events. I went to Boyce Avenue live concert. It was so awesome. I had been following them for like 10 years, probably. I can’t remember when I first saw their cover video, but their first cover videos posted on Youtube about 10 years ago and they were my very first videos I got to like them. They only kept getting better and better. Finally I got to see their live concert! It was impressive.

Another big event was my old friend’s wedding. Champ (or Noo) was a friend from the high school (Bangkok Christian College). I also can’t remember how long we had been knowing each other but I guess it was around 20 years, more or less. Although we didn’t get in contact that much after the high school, it didn’t make us acquaintances. It seemed like the friendship we had when we were young was frozen in time and it just went on and on. The same goes to my other friends from the same school as well. We parted when we went to university but the friendship was still there. I didn’t really know how it works. It just is how it is. (No drama please if you aren’t in the photos. I just didn’t have good photos of everyone :/)

Lastly, today was a midsummer in Sweden. Glad midsommar Sverige! Jag saknade er så mycket. Det var jättelång tid som jag inte hade pratat svenska. Jag hoppades vi skulle träffas igen. Vi skulle få se. Håll ut :)


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