Getting Real


My 4-month probation of my job was almost over and I already got offered for a permanent position. Yay! It was super quick how the 4 months passed by. It was actually just about 5 months since I left Sweden. It felt like a lot had happened within these few months as if it was a year ago. Kind of weird though. 

Anyway, I had been reading several books since I started my job. All these books were from my office. I got great support from the boss-Jeremie. So that helped me save a lot of money. I hadn’t bought books lately (because I didn’t have a job and had no income) and my bookshelf had limited space. Nevertheless, that couldn’t stop me from reading. Here are those books I had been reading.

It looks like I had been filling my head with a lot of UX design knowledge. I started to feel that these books were talking about similar things and I was running in a loop. Maybe it’s time to move on to the another topic/area. Well, UX design is a huge topic and consists of many disciplines, and many people see it in different ways. I sometimes found it hard to explain what it actually is and how much it covers. I guessed a lot of people working in this area were still discussing about it too (based on what I saw on the internet). For one sure thing, despite human behavior, UX design was evolving as same as how technology was changing. I believed it would be continuing developing for a while.

I guess this is all for this blog :) 


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