Getting Serious


It was my birthday on the day I wrote this blog. Things weren’t really different from the other days. Maybe I felt a bit older as I started to use number 3. It was like one third of my life already. (Well, it actually passed that milestone already…)

Some say that you will have fewer friends when you get older. I didn’t know if it’s true. Only time can tell. What I knew was that I became more goal-driven. I spent a lot of years trying this and that, going in and out of schools, taking different jobs, and going places. It felt like I narrowed down my interest into a more specific path. It might be good for me at least. I learned to let go of things that I didn’t actually care and things that didn’t really matter to me (including people as well). Mayhap this is how you have fewer friends when you grow older even though you get to know more people from work, network, relationships, and so on.

Meanwhile, I learned to develop my interest and focus on the very specific things. I knew what I wanted to learn and what were more important to me, at least for my job. I was lucky enough to get to work on things that I was searching for for years. I didn’t regret whatever I did in the past. It all makes me who I am until this day. My life is like a work-in-progress. It will never be done until my last day. Mistakes aren’t a bad thing. It helped me grow. Doing nothing is actually a bad thing. I would probably learn nothing if I didn’t take any risk.

Anyway, my past month was all good. I liked what I did at work. It was actually quite a busy month as I facilitated some workshops and user testing sessions. It was quite stressful but fun. I looked forward to the next months. Hopefully, things would go well and exciting.

At last, I got a birthday cake from my lovely company as well. Thanks for all wishes :)


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