Round And Round

Hi there,

My time at AIS had come to an end. It had been a good time and such great experience working there though it was only 4 months. I would love to continue my job however, I had to take another path with my next education. It was a valuable learning and I think I had learned so much in these last few months-not only developing UXD skill sets, but also dealing with unpredictable challenges.

My next stop would be in Sweden which I would fly so soon. Time runs really really fast. I still remembered my feeling when I left to Sweden for the first time and when I left Sweden to come home. It was very overwhelming. Suddenly one year was just past. There were also many people coming and going, many mistakes I made, many lessons I learned, and many things left undone. It was just really fast-faster than how I could realise that the time went by and I couldn’t just stop it but let it be. Of course I had some plans I wished I could do before I leave for another 2 years, but I didn’t have enough time when my schedule was already packed. There were still some people I would like to meet but I couldn’t make it. I could only feel sorry.

Look back into what I had done since I came back. I had eyes operation. I got a good chance to work in an ad agency. I did some nice projects with a startup in Sweden. I had some interviews with Swedish companies. I met so many people and made some good company. My shoulder got injured so I had to stop doing weight training until it gets recovered. I quit my job and got another job. I developed new skill sets. I applied for the Master’s programme and got accepted. I took a leatherwork training course. I started learning some basic HTML and CSS. I started studying stocks and funding.

Somehow it felt like I was going nowhere when I had done several things in one last year. There were also ups and downs throughout the time. I actually got frustrated many times. Things just didn’t work out as planned even I tried so hard and planned everything ahead. I just had to learn and prepare both myself and my mind.


As I said earlier, I was taking a leatherwork training course. It was pretty tough and was not as easy as it seemed. It took a lot of effort and time. I had planned for a couple of bags but I fell behind the schedule, so I had to skip some plans in order to make it by the end of this month-before I fly. Anyway, here, I had made some nice stuff and these are them-the journey of my bag in short:


So that was one last year in Thailand. I couldn’t really write down everything but just sum it up. Next time I would be in Sweden.

See ya,

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