Rain On My Parade

Howdy everyone,

It seemed like the summer was about to be gone and it rained pretty often. That was a sign. Rainy season was here! Though the weather was still hot some days and was humid most of the time. Well, I think it is better to be 30C with a chance of rain than 35C with pure heat.

This month seemed quite intense and hectic. My job wasn’t too hard to deal with but I just got an assignment to mentor my colleague. It seemed to be easy since my colleague was a nice person in term of the personality. However, when it came to work, things turned sour. The hard part was to separate my personal life and professional life if I want to keep a friend. I would say that I would like to see more before I make a conclusion about my colleague. Let’s wait a little more.

So, that stressed me out somehow. Apart from that, I was quite chilled with other tasks. Some were very challenging. Some were not. I quite liked what I was doing with my job.

My departure was getting closer. I had less than 2 months left before I start a new journey, but recently, I just got an email from the Swedish migration board saying that they needed some more information in order to issue my residence permit. That was a bit tricky when this time of the year is Swedish long holidays-Midsommar. This issue with the migration board was actually bugging me because it could delay my plan and schedule. Anyway, I still had some time to fix it.

My leatherwork course was still running. There were some failures occurring and I had learned some more. Things that I had planned didn’t work out as I expected because of this and that. I see this as a part of learning. Even I had planned almost every step, there was still something missing out. It was all about experience, I would say. Let’s see if I could make some nice stuff before I fly to Sweden.

Here are some photos from the process.


Peace out,

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