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Continuing from my last blog, it might sound like I had burnout which might actually be true. Well it just didn’t happen over a night, but it gradually came up and all of a sudden, I realized I had it. I thought it came from the stress that I got from work. I also stopped reading for several months due to the stress as I became mentally exhausted by the end of the day. I had been trying to heal and find something to refuel in a healthy way. 

For some reason, marathon was an accomplishment that had been in my mind for many years, but I never got to start and I never ran longer than 5 km. It would be a huge challenge for me. Plus, last year I was dealing with warts under my feet for several months so I couldn’t start practicing. This month just seemed like a good time when this idea came up again. I decided to take a first step. 

Luckily there were a few runners in my office that I could ask for advice. My plan was to start with 10 km distance. I got a training schedule from my colleague. It would take about 3 months to finish the program. Then I should be confident to participate in an event properly. After that, I would continue with half marathon or even full marathon if I still feel good about it. 

It had been about 3 weeks that I started training for long distance running. I usually spent 4 days a week in a gym but, this month, there were weeks that I went to gym everyday. It was tiring but fun. I was more physically exhausted, but felt somewhat more motivated. This was probably a positive effect that I just got from running. Let’s see if I could carry on until the end of the training program.


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