Hi there,

Lately, it had been quite dull. I didn’t get much to do during the weekend as I worked full-time during weekdays. Usually I tried to find something to do whether going out, watching movies, or reading books, but I just didn’t feel like it. Some people say that it’s nice to spend some time doing nothing as it’s kind of resting. I didn’t know if I would agree. 

I was thinking maybe it’s nicer to feel a little push, a little stress, or a bit of excitement. At least I got some motivation to do something. At the moment, it was just boring. I got a full-time job and didn’t feel like shopping for things I didn’t really need. I got stuck in my home which was far from everything. The weather was tricky as it was rainy season. Playing piano seemed nice but I got tired after a few hours a day. More importantly, I already spent too much money this month.

I wished my home would be close to forest so I could just walk a bit to get recharged. I missed the time I lived in Sweden where the nature was in my neighborhood… 

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Visualiseringscenter that my friends and I participated in their contest back in 2016. There was a photo of us when we won their awards. It was a very good time. I missed them very much :)

Later alligator,

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