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Hi hi,

The summer was definitely here. How cool is that! It was actually damn hot and the heat didn’t seem to go anywhere.

Eventually, I decided to stop looking for a job in Sweden. I was seeking for 10 months and had several Skype interviews but I was still in Thailand. No need to explain how frustrated I was. Though it didn’t mean that I had already given up. I just got another chance to go to Sweden again and, this time, it would be for a Master’s degree. Think about how fortunate I was that I was given another shot. Big thanks to my supportive family. This must be paid off!

They say it is always good to learn new things. So, this month I had started to learn 3 new things.

First, I just took a leather training course. It was going fine and I was so inspired. I just wanted to gain more knowledge and find something new to do. I didn’t know how it would work out but I thought that this could be an opportunity. It was just a beginning and I believe that this is something.

Second, I had also started to study stocks and investment. Hold on. I just started. There was nothing concrete at this point. I hadn’t decided yet weather to invest my money or to change my career path or whatsoever. It is nice to be wise when it comes to the money topic and it is nice to learn new things as well.

Finally, it was the thing that I had been working around for more than 10 years but I still didn’t get used to it. It was HTML and CSS. I had attended many lectures and workshops of this topic but never had a chance to really work with it. So, this time, when I was surrounded by designers and developers at my office, this should be the time. Let’s see how far I could go within these few months.

Here is a Bangkok from my office tower. The huge clouds are approaching…It’s summer in Thailand. IT IS!


Later alligator,

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