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Some major things were happening this month. The month was passing by very quick as the autumn were changing to winter. I got a 3-month internship in a startup in Stockholm called Match2One. I started about 2 and a half week ago, and was working as a UX designer intern. I got hands on some tasks on the very first week which was really good. At least, I got to do what I wanted to do. Even though it was not a full time position, at least it was better than staying home sending out job applications that could not guarantee any results. The company was good. We were a team of 8 people sitting in the office. Though the rest of the company spread out to other countries. Things happened everyday. It felt like we were on a very fast pace. Plus, as it was a startup, we were quite agile and decisive. I worked in a design team which consisted of me and my manager (Yes, it was a very small team). So it didn’t take much time to move from task to task. This journey seemed to be exciting and intense. Let’s see what would happen in the next few months.

These are some photos from my first night out with the company. It was a special occasion. One of us was relocating to Australia to help set up an office there. So this was sort of a farewell party as we didn’t know how long he would be there. The night was fun and pretty rough-a lot of alcohol consumption, but I didn’t get wasted. I still remembered everything.

Another major event this month was that Anneli, Elisa and Rikard were moving out by the end of this month. I guessed the house would be quite quiet for some time as there would be only me and Maher who would still live here and I had to go to work everyday. I didn’t really know how it would actually turn out to be. Last week we had avskedsmiddag (farewell dinner) at home where everyone in the house joined in. There were so much food and a lot of fun. Many things happened in this house and a new chapter of our lives was about to begin.

Yesterday some of my classmates and I had Chinese hotpot dinner. We also baked pumpkin pie because it was about Halloween. There were many pumpkins in the supermarket and we wanted to make something out of it. It was simply delicious and the night was great :)

Last but not least, it was already one year since my late king (King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX) passed away. Last Thursday (26 Oct), there was a royal funeral in Bangkok. The event was actually arranged in other countries as well (Stockholm, for example). Though I didn’t manage to attend any even online broadcast. This is just for me to write it down to remind me in the future about this event. Here are some photos I took from the internet. I wish I could be there seeing everything by myself :/

(Photo from: กฤษฎา บุญเฉลียว)

(Photo from:

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