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So I was already back to Bangkok, Thailand. My first week was extremely hot. It was such a huge difference from -13 to 31 degrees. I never missed the winter this much before.

The job hunting quest was still ongoing. I was still in the process with some companies in Sweden that I had applied for a job there. Though it gradually turned out negative. By the way, I started sending my job applications to some companies in Thailand as well (since I was still in Stockholm). So my first 2 weeks in Bangkok (after dealing with jet-lag) was about meeting and interviewing. The response rate was so different from how it was in Sweden. Though getting a job wasn’t that easy especially in my professional field where I had to do a test project to show my skills, knowledge, and experience.

Since March 2017 when I started looking for a job in Sweden, I had done more than 10 tests already. I still had to do it when I applied for a job in Bangkok. Here are some numbers I would like to show regarding my job hunting quest:

214 total job applications I sent out since March 2017
185 of them were in Sweden
18 of them were in Thailand
89 of them didn’t respond at all
37 of them I had interviews/calls/meetings with (7 from Thailand)
1 internship in Sweden
and 1 job offer from a company in Thailand

Yes, I already got a job offer! I would be working as a UX/UI designer in a company in Bangkok. I had been knowing this company for a few years since I came back from Sweden first time (2014) but things just didn’t work out the I expected so I didn’t work with them at that time. Anyway, let’s see how this new chapter would turn out to be.

In these last few weeks in Bangkok, I visited some old friends, had some meals together, and caught up with them a bit. There would be more. I just didn’t have time (and money) to meet and greet everyone. Here are some group photos.

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