Begin Again

Hello there,

It was a very warm summer in Thailand. There were so many hot days here. I really missed the cold time in Sweden.

The first month of my new job wasn’t bad. It was pretty great actually. It kickstarted with the website design project. To be clear, I was assigned to design an admin page for an app. So, I got a chance to practise my UX&UI design skill in the first place. That was super nice. Hopefully, I thought it would be great if I can get something done practically during this short period of time, before I leave for Sweden in August.

Yes, I would be leaving for Sweden in August! (if nothing goes wrong) I had applied for the Master’s programme in Human-Computer Interaction at KTH. This would be a new attempt for getting a job abroad. Let’s see what would happen.

Apart from the website design project, it happened that there was a sort of big event at the office. It’s called “AIS Startup Junior Camp #2”. I wasn’t there from the beginning but from what I saw I think the idea was to let kids learning and having fun with new technology. It was running for a week and I was a staff for a couple of days. It was really exhausting. Those kids were so energetic but it was a good experience :)


Recently, I bought some books just to get back to my old habits. I like reading books. This time I changed my style. I bought a new kind of books I had never bought before, or maybe I had but it was not my kind. After I went back from Sweden, it seemed like Hyper Island had changed my mindset. I felt like I need to keep improving myself and keep moving forward. One of all books I bought was “What I wish I knew when I was 20” by Tina Seelig. It is a very good book I think. Easy to read and understandable. Moreover, it is about something I’m familiar with. It talks about creativity, mindset, entrepreneurship and that kind of thing. I would recommend this book if you feel like you need some inspiration.


To sum up, this month was neither a bad month nor a hard time. I felt more relieved, relaxed, and less pressured comparing to my previous job. That was nice :)

Oh, and there is a little change on this website and my profile! I had just changed the spelling of my last name from “Lawchaiyapruek” to “Laochaiyapruek”. Just to correct it!

See you another time,

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