Normal Pace

Hi there,

Things started to get settled. My life at home was moving steadily. My workout routine was on track. I still kept experimenting new techniques-diets and exercises. Hopefully it could improve my health and performance. My job was also fine. I got busy more or less everyday-not too much, not too boring. It was challenging and fun.

Though the wart under my foot was still there :S It had been about 5 months that I tried to remove it. (There were 2. One of them was already gone.) It was really annoying. I had an appointment with the doctor every month to take it out-sort of surgery, laser, whatever I didn’t really know because I had to lie on my stomach. So I didn’t see it when the doctor did it. It took about a week or two until the wound got dry and became scabbed, and another week or two to finally heal. So that was about a month each time. Duh! I would have another appointment again next week. I really hoped it would be the last.

Before this blog gets way too random, I would like to end it with my business card from my job. It was my first ever business card actually. It kind of felt special for some reason. (Big thanks to Morphosis, any enquiries click here!) I guess now you all know where and how to contact me ;)

Talk later,

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