Busy Busy

Hi there,

These last two weeks had been super crazy. Morphosis got a big international client and I was lucky enough to be a part of the project. It was about creating customer journey map and personas. Actually it wasn’t that big but was very intense considering the timeframe and work. Everything was very short and we didn’t have much time to hesitate. It was like we had to be decisive and move quick. So the last two weeks were about interviewing a lot of people-stakeholders, customers, and other people. My days were full and packed. I had never been this stressed since I started working at Morphosis. Though I took this as a good project. Some say that if you don’t feel comfortable with what you’re doing, you are probably learning new things. Although this wasn’t my first time interviewing people, I definitely didn’t feel so secure. Perhaps it was because of the expectation that the client had on us that I was feeling. It was just whether fail or success. There can’t be a middle way. Anyway, we were almost the half way of the project. Let’s see how this would turn out eventually.

That wasn’t it. There was more stuff I did. 

Morphosis and Firecreek went laser tagging together. 

I also volunteered to help arrange the UX Thailand Openspace event. Though this was just the first meeting. I already missed the second one due to the warts under my feet D: They were still there…

Lastly, my artist friend-Oat and his boyfriend were arranging the Concerto for Piano & Charcoal. This was a workshop one week before the real concert. It was extremely cool and fun. I hadn’t been this close to artist’s life since I finished my Bachelor’s. It was great experience.

Talk later,

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