New Year’s Trip

Happy New Year,

I spent my New Year’s holidays with my old friends in Belgium and Luxembourg. We knew each other since highschool so it was about 20 years already. We were still traveling together from time to time.

For this trip, they planned to do the Benelux trip. Though I had already been to Netherlands so I joined them in Belgium and Luxembourg. I arrived Brussels on 28 December in the evening so it wasn’t much to do except eating dinner. 

On 29 December, we visited Ghent and Bruges.

On 30 December, we visited Namur in the morning then we went to Luxembourg to stay for a night.

On 31 December, we went back to Brussels in the afternoon and went to see fireworks at midnight with the locals.

On 1 January, we went to Antwerp and visited the Chocolate Nation.

My last day was 2 January as I had to go back to work on the next day. So I spent the morning wandering Antwerp a bit before heading to the airport.

Overall, the trip was alright. A bit too much walking and raining. A lot of beer and chocolate. Some fries and waffles too. Most importantly, it was cheaper than Sweden XD

See you later,

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