Good Year Start

Hello there,

My life from the beginning of this year became really busy. It was not only work but also lots of activities. Somehow I just kept adding activities in my free-time and they just occupied my whole weekend. 

From Monday to Friday after work, I got gym 3 days and Swedish class 2 days. Sometimes I got a driving class in the morning before work as well. On Saturday I went swimming in the morning and had dance classes (bachata and salsa) in the afternoon. On Sunday I went running in the morning and a hot yoga class in the afternoon (I also cooked lunchboxes for the whole week on Sunday too). The swimming and running were training for the half-marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) in May and swimrun in August. I just had to keep on training to be ready for the races as I never did long distance before for both swimming and running. 

Overall, it was pretty tiring and intense because I almost didn’t have any break time. Though let’s see how long I could keep on doing all these. Hopefully, things would be less hectic in the summer after the races.

Last but not least, here are all the presents I received during Christmas, New Year’s eve and Lunar New Year :)

Talk later,

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