End of 2022

Hello there,

The year was fast. Suddenly it was already December. I only hoped that this winter wasn’t so harsh to me. It was my third time coming to Sweden and the second winters of the past times were not easy due to the darkness and loneliness. Maybe it was too soon to say as this was just halfway through the winter.

This year had been quite okay for me. Starting a new life was not easy but I was lucky enough to meet good people and make some friends. I was grateful for the group of Thai friends that welcomed me from the very first month and that we were still hanging out from time to time until these days. Too bad I didn’t have a proper group photo but this one from last year should do :)

Then, it’s Viktor (with his daughter, sorry I need to censor her for safety purpose) and Erik. These 2 guys from work had been good company and good influence in my life throughout the year. Sadly Viktor already left Afry and Erik would soon leave the project and Gothenburg. I can only hope they would stick around :’)

Earlier I got a chance to visit Viktor and his family to deliver some Christmas presents. Here are some homemade treats. Very delicious!

This month Afry arranged a huge Christmas party for their employees. We had Julbord (Swedish Christmas table) and some entertainment on the stage including a surprise concert by Kaliffa. It was a fun evening.

This is it for the blog and the year. I would be travelling a bit during Christmas and New Year’s eve. See you next year then.

Merry Christmas,

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