New Year New Diet

Hi there,

The year started off with my health condition. I somehow managed to get hemorrhoids just before Christmas last year. I wasn’t sure when it actually started but I got some serious symptoms (rectal bleeding). So I went to see a doctor and got diagnosed that it was internal hemorrhoids. Since then, my diet had changed dramatically. I drank much more water (up to 3-4 litres a day) and ate many more fruits and vegetables. I had to put teas on pause as it could cause constipation. I also increased fibre intake (psyllium husk). Additionally, there were a lot of medication involved. It was already more than a month since the rectal bleeding. There was no significant symptom anymore. Though I still had to keep an eye on it.

Just when I thought things were going alright with my routines, shit happened. Well I didn’t think that my habit would cause any trouble to my body. I thought I ate healthy and rarely drank alcohol. I worked out regularly and slept much enough. Somehow things just gradually acted up because my body can’t maintain it anymore. This time I didn’t see any sign or I just took it for granted for way too long. Fortunately, I got it in control even though it was still not 100%. 

Now I added many more ingredients to my diet. I prioritised the variety as previously I only focused on the macros (carbs, fats, proteins). Therefore I ate pretty much the same things every now and then, and had been doing it for years until last month. It was so easy to ignore the greens when I only focused on the carbs and meat. Vegetables and fruits were just an extra to my diet. Lesson learned and I learned it the hard way :/

Anyhow, the variation of food actually made my diet much more interesting. I got to explore different recipes and ingredients. They cost more but I could taste more. I learned how to cook different things and ate things I never did before. It wasn’t bad after all.

Here are some examples of my diet (breakfast, lunch).

See you later,

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