End of 2021

Hi there,

This year was quite an extraordinary year. I had another life-changing event. Although my current situation was quite positive, I struggled a lot early this year. It was the Covid-lockdown that made me stuck with the job and all the boredom. I even sought mental and spiritual support. The turning point was on my birthday when I got an offer of my new job, the current one. Then my life just went up and up as if my dream just came true. 

The question was “What now?”. I made another milestone so I guessed I just had to keep this new job with me as long as I could. There was nothing wrong with my job and I still enjoyed working with it. I was lucky to have good colleagues and the project was fun and challenging. Of course it wasn’t perfect and there were things to complain about. Anyway, my current situation was still better than where I was earlier.

Looking into the people around me, I somehow felt sad that some of my close/best friends seemed to be further away. I didn’t have such casual conversation with them anymore. We didn’t fight or argue or anything. It was probably we just had different paths and focuses in our lives. We all grew up and went out in different ways. People just came and went, and I was also one of those people in their lives who just showed up at some point and disappeared. I just hoped that if we met up one day, we’d still be able to talk like we were still friends. 

Another worth mentioning before the year end, this year p’ Golf-my creative lead in my previous job (some years ago) took his own life. It was terribly shocking news. P’Golf was one of the most inspiriting, the most positive, and the brightest person I had known in real life so far. A few years back, he launched a personal project/campaign to help other people with depression as he also had it. He managed to overcome it but somehow it came back just some weeks ago. This time he lost :/ My sincere condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

Lastly, we all managed to get through the pandemic for 2 years already. Don’t give up now. I wish you all the best and may life treat you better next year. 

This is me celebrating Christmas eve with the my old home in Stockholm. Have some fun while it lasts.

Happy holidays and see you next year :)

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