Health Follow-Up

Hi there,

Gothenburg winter wasn’t that cold, but wet and rainy. There was little to no snow here this year. Though the winter wasn’t over yet. There was still about a month to go through. 

From the last blog, I was very much focusing on my health issue-haemorrhoids, to be specific. It seemed to be going into the right direction. Just yesterday that I had another rectal bleeding out of no where. I thought my conditions were improving and I kept doing all the healthy habits-eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water, exercise regularly, add fibre intake to my diet, avoid straining when going to toilet, and avoid sitting on the toilet for too long. I did pretty much everything I could to go back on track. It appeared that I just went back to step one again. I got to admit that it was quite frustrating. 

Beside the haemorrhoids, there was not much to update. I was still Covid-free and already took the third shot. Hopefully, I can still dodge the virus. The pandemic situation in Sweden seemed to be resolving as they lifted all the restrictions in public (for examples, shops and restaurants). Restrictions still remained in some places like hospitals though. However, the numbers of the new cases were still reaching all-time-high from week to week. The Omicron variant was dominant at the moment. It spread so fast but it did’t cause serious symptoms (note that there were still serious cases from Omicron). It was better to not get infected anyway.

One good thing that happened lately was that I managed to arrange a dinner with some colleagues on the weekend.

At least there was some happy memory to think about :)

See you later,

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