New Spring

Hi there,

Winter seemed to be over and spring had come. My first winter here went alright. No mental breakdown, or I was just still feeling fresh about the new life. 

Days were getting brighter and longer. As the pandemic seemed to resolve, people started to appear outside more and more. The city seemed to go back to the normal life again. I didn’t really know what to expect after the pandemic. Lifestyle had already changed and I didn’t know if it could go back to the way it was before. 

Finally I knew what caused haemorrhoids. It was the yogurt that I had been eating from the beginning. Since I had my first rectal bleeding, I had been changing and observing my diet. I changed the food I usually ate everyday to see how my body processed it. I started from cheese, milk, fibre intake (psyllium husk), some medication, and eventually yogurt. It seemed like dairy products caused me some trouble when consuming too much. This doesn’t mean I can’t eat them. I just had to eat them in smaller amount. Anyhow, I still kept an eye on my conditions. It had been a few weeks already that I can sustain my conditions positively.

My life at AFRY was alright. I felt that my teammates and I were closer than before. It was probably that we worked together for a long time. I was lucky that there was no people issue in my project therefore there was no drama to deal with. 

It had been already 7 months since I moved here. I somehow just realised I hadn’t made that many new friends (beside the group of Thai people here that welcomed me from the beginning). There were just a few people I could possibly count on. Perhaps I should work on the relationship harder than this…

This is Bodi (like boo-dee), the cat in my apartment, chilling in the sun. She is very old and probably the most relaxing cat ever. 

See you later,

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